Talox, any strategies for killing him quickly?

Hi. Thanks for all the hard work in bringing this game back! I played it during the Hellgate Global days, and during the first iteration by Flagship Studios.

Can anyone recommend an effective way of killing Talox quickly? His Lieutenants keep spawning repeatedly and they can be devastating to the party. Somebody said concentrate fire on just one lieutenant at a time, preferably spectral? Any other methods, or you just have to ride it out and just keep hitting his lieutenants until they all stop aspawning? I’m a summoner, and this is the one boss that seems to take a long time for me and the group… very frustrating.


From what i understand about the fight, you basically gotta kill adds until Talos becomes targettable.

Killing him fast is a matter of damage. With enough of it, you ll be able to kill his adds faster than he can spawn them, but near the end, they spawn more frenquently and more of them. Afaik, the physical ones with the yellow HP bars are the one that will dictate when Talox become killable.

Ok thanks. Somebody on Discord also suggested use Guardian or Carnagor to taunt all of them in a tight corner and just pummel them wtih high dps and AoE. Eventually Talox becomes vulnerable.

Basically just group them all together and hit them with everything you got.