Techsmith 42 Charing Cross

Hello.Techsmith 42, already, does not give quests on Charing Cross?Or did I miss some kind of quest?There are no more quests at the previous stations.I checked.

The Piecemaker quest requires the completion of “That’ll Get Infected” to become available. It doesn’t require any other quests, so no worries about missing quests in previous stations.

I, of course, have finished this quest and am at the next station.And I activated the Oracle.Agree, I couldn’t get the main quest from Rorke Pherral at Temple Station without it.Or am I wrong?

If you’re in Temple Station then yes, you’ve finished “That’ll Get Infected”. So you haven’t completed Techsmith 42’s quest and he doesn’t offer it? I don’t see why he shouldn’t, but if that’s somehow the case a GM will provide a Piecemaker.
Also, please note he won’t offer the same quest in both difficulties. So if you’ve completed in on Normal he’ll have no quests to give on Nightmare.

I’m sorry I read about it in your article.I agree that two The Piecemaker is a lot.

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