Techsmith and Blueprint suggestion

As for using the dismantled components other than nanoforging, i have an idea but it involves a redesign of the techsmiths found in stations, and blueprints.

First of all Techsmiths should have more tabs for each type of item you want to craft (Weapons, Armor, Mods) filled with a basic pool of items.

The quality of items should increase as you progress in the game, starting somewhere at the current, mostly white quality, and end up at mostly rare and legendaries at endgame areas. This should solve the problem of giving too many good quality items to the player early, and not giving a proper sink for high level players. (You could also make use of the reputation system here)

To further improve this, blueprints should be redesigned to produce double-edged items only, and you should be able to teach these schematics to the techsmiths, granting the ability to make a specific type of weapon or armor of your choice multiple times (with randomized stats and for higher cost than legendaries ofc.).

I am not suggesting to make blueprints like it was in Global, it produced Unique items, but since they have unique stats, it wouldn’t be so clever to be able for mass production.
Also not suggesting to put mythics into the pool because then those items will lose the value of being clean from the negative stats.

Keep in mind this is just a raw idea, just threw it in for further discussion, if you like it.

Proper crafting would be a cool addition but then we need to have a different inventory with a tab for stackable items. Imagine you’d have different colours of crafting mats now :confused:

No, this suggestion works with the current mats. No need for even more. Just make the crafting inventory fully working, currently you can only store one item in that (maybe 2 if you are quick enough)