Tempest skill for evoker

Tempest skill requires level 2 of Lightning Field and character level 20. I had the required Lightning Field level, but when I reached level 20 I was unable to choose the Tempest skill though the the message in red setting out the requirements for the skill disappeared at level 20.
Also, Ser Sing needs some attention. After completing the cleansing of Angel Passage, she has a purple question mark over her head, but when you click on her you get another cleansing weapon for Angel Passage and the question mark remains.

You may have a previous quest from Ser Sing that has not yet been completed that must follow the quest arc. I wonder if there is a list somewhere. Check you own first.

That’s a possibility I guess. Thanks for the feedback. I’m more concerned with the inability to pick up the Tempest skill, however. I hope that gets fixed.

maybe you have +Lightning Field from your equipment. that won’t count.

and Ser Sing gives out guns in case you need to do side quests in the Angel Passage or want to farm the boss. not like you could profit from that particular gun anyway.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Violetnred. At level 20, one of my two Lightning Field levels was from a focus weapon, so I got another level of LF. At 21 I was able to get Tempest. As far as Ser Sing is concerned, I did have to return to Angel Passage with another char after I had cleared it and disposed of the gun to kill a mob. I was unable to kill the tumor things without the special gun and had a very difficult time getting to and killing the mob, not only because the things were in the way but also because they were poisoning me constantly.