Thank You 2038 Dev Team!

I wanted to say Hello and a very big Thank You to the 2038 Modding Devs. I played this in the Alpha through the shutdown of the servers when it first came out. I had the Founder Package, Collectors Edition (I miss the Manta Ray Pet) and everything. Glad to have finally finished the game in the way it was originally intended with some great improvements.

Really wish Flagship never went under and we got a continued story… what a cliffhanger…

Thanks again and hopefully youll be able to get the Tokyo content from you know who soon and we can get some sort of continued storyline!


I want to express my gratitude for the Team Hellgate london 2038 for existing ^^
I’m a frustrated old player from the DVD version, in the past i beaten the game just a few days ago before the fall.

But i’m disappointed than your Multiplayer tools is not compatible with my Native language, i wonder why… changing server makes sense but why forcing English ?

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Hi there, welcome :slight_smile: Thank you for the kind words, much appreciated.

The language issue likely has some technicals behind it that I wouldn’t be familiar with. But at a practical level, it’s not about “forcing” a language (ie making a conscious choice to limit players to one language over others) but about being unable to support all the languages the game originally intended to have. We’d need to translate all game strings, new and old, into each language in question, and do so accurately enough to prevent issues - which isn’t an option, since we don’t have translators/native speakers and the manpower for such an effort.

Oh man, I love piling on!!!

I love you guys! I love the game!
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