The backpack - anyone care to explain?

OK so before i never actually obtained it (before - during HGL Global). No i found it but im curious. Is there anything else beside extra space in inventory?

Thx in advance for explanation.

On side note - maby some topic explaining some fundamental things to players seeking information? Things like Dawn of The Dead, Dismantler (taht is kinda obvious when found but hey…), The Backpack, essences, etc? It would be nice.

don’t hesitate to write a summary :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
People might help.

so, later when you find the Broker in MarkLane Station, he has a series of 10ish quest´s. the reward is a backpack working for consumables, mats and mods.
the quest series will grow with the stations you arrive in


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Hello there.
The backpack is indeed just extra storage, that’s awarded when you complete the Broker’s Exinde quest. That’s why Exinde is marked as such in the quests section, where other quests are also color-coded for easier reading.

Outside of the wiki for such information, there’s this new player guide - and hopefully others will follow. If you find some specific information to be lacking, you could reach out to the authors and wiki editors with such notes :slight_smile:

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THX for answers and links. That guide is helpful but there is description about “famous backpack”. No explanation at all and that sounds mysterious. “Famous backpack” says nothing about item itself exept… that it is and it is famous. But why? Why it is famous and why all players asking about it? What is so special in that backpack? I hope You get the idea :wink:

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I understand, yeah. It would be helpful to let the author know they could clarify further then; it’s all a community effort, after all.

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Things i noticed about backpack.

  1. You cannot put any object that is bigger than one crate. So it is nor just regular extra space.
  2. Some things are popping out inside (like essences and mods).

This is by intention? Is there any rules about what and how often things are materialising inside backpack?

they’re not materializing - i think the backpack comes with a few random mods inside, but that’s it - 1 cell loot goes into backpack whenever you pick up anything.

might be annoying to open backpack to check for mod loot, so you could do this instead: you could pull out some stacks of whatever you mean to store in the backpack, split them up and fill all backpack cells with them.

So You are saying that when i pick up things that dropped from mobs some of them go into backpack directly? Because i could swore that i didnt put any injector into it and any amunition mod that i found after some questing. Also other mods and injectors went into my inventory.

There are things i dont get, really. Im just trying to understand.


I checked and in fact all essences and mods i pick up went straight to backpack. Probably different one square items also. Good that this thing is clear now :wink: