The best way to go throught game?

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This thing is on my mind for a some time. In short - what is in Your opinin best way to go thorught game? Fast forward to nightmare and enjoying it there or maby exploring everything on normal and after completion then going to nightmare?

Im just curious.

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i have several question in the same manner, but more like “What can i do in Endgame?”.
I played like all Hellgate´s, but never made it further than collecting some heads in Stonehenge.

To answer @de93ial:
I choose to rush up to 50 with little help of buying items(less then 5k per item) every 10/15 lvl, but doing every single quest because of the stats points you get from a lot of them.
At normal diff i skipped passageways and AB due to time and bought all the Adrenalins i found in stores to speed up once in a while.
i allready did the mistake to spend more skillpoints at certain skills were it doesnt make sense, so you might plan to buy a reskiller(got told roughly 500k) later or really dive deep into skillbuilds (will slow down progress a lot and takes ages of studying^^ )

so now im 47 with 450k in the bag and can stand mobs of my level easy.
At nightmare i do AB together with people from global chat who need lvl anyway.
Cause at nightmare the quest lvl goes faster then your char will lvlup, so this is the compensation more or less.

For the living!

I personally took my time on the first two or so characters, digesting the NPC dialogue, hearing lines and trying to know more about the lore in general, as well as how the gear system worked, and doing some trial and error on builds. After a few characters, it can get grating to level up yet another one while doing the exact same quests in basically the exact same way, so I decide to autopilot and do it as fast as possible, taking breaks here and there to organize the inventory and get better gear.

To me, it’s a good idea to try to kill as many enemies as possible in elite (and to do a bunch of ABs), so you can reach nightmare with a certain level advantage.

i played it too many times already, so i’m not playing for the story. i’m pretty much autopiloting as well. the only real alternative i see is rushing main quest to Temple Station, getting into Stonehenge and levelling there instead. could dip out to do side quests if you need stat points.

another option i imagine an altoholic like me could take it sit back and watch the chat for AB announcements, then relog and join with a character of appropriate level whenever one pops up.

OK so is it the best way to kill Syd go to nightmare and then do all things like progress in story, Stonehenge and other things? Or do normal Stonehenge (after of before Syd kill?) and all and after “doind everything at least once” going to nightmare?


I guess what im asking is “what exackly is endgame in HGL?” To me it is probably Stronghold and Parliment but gameplay does not support this. Im just a little bit confused :wink:

getting the last attribute points from nightmare quests, Stonehenge, Parliament, Dawn of the Dead, Sydonai.

gameplay does not support this

what do you mean?

I mean You can go to Stonehenge way before Syd.

So to You Syd is the very last content to do in game? Isnt Dessi or Moloch like way harder than Syd?

nightmare Sydonai is probably the hardest due to his extremely high level. do what you want, but know that you will occasionally need to grind some levels if you’re completing nightmare quest line. do what you enjoy more / get annoyed by less.

if by “best” you mean “Fastest”, then get other 4 players and farm non-stop. SH, ABs, DoD (i don’t know at which point DoD becomes easily farmable for the sake XP).

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My bad ive used nor very accurate words to explain my thoughts.

By “best” i meant “most preferable” or “by design”. Dunno how to explain. Sorry sometimes i have difficulties with expressing what i mean, eng is not my native language.

And THX for claryfication about Syd :slight_smile:


I just dont know if there is a point in doing normal Stonehenge and Parliment or it is best skip it and going straight to nightmare.


I just recalled that there is no “normal” and “nm” stonehenge/parliment. They are same areas accesible from boths difficuties, having own scale systems. Silly me.

Personally, I rush level 30 and to the ‘Barge House’ quest in NM, then run cemetery until level 50. Then I go back and do all the quests for the stat points.