The broker's quest is at the second level of difficulty

Is there an opportunity or a desire to add a quest to the broker in the second run with a unique reward for completion?Something that is usually impossible (or difficult) to find in the game.(Or, very expensive).For example, some kind of Retrainer, or ammunition.How you added the backpack in the first run.

The current idea with the Exinde quest is to just disable the second run, instead of keeping this more complex “once in either difficulty” model. So we’d have it in just Normal, and the Nightmare questline would end at Invicem.
I don’t think we can have that same quest award completely different things between difficulties. But in theory, we could make a clone of it for just Nightmare and set Invicem as its prereq - so the player would have the same number of quests per difficulty questline, and just end each with a different quest and reward.
Though this is all just theory; we’re now at a feature lock, and we’ll need a break once this patch is done. Afterwards, sure, this may get its due attention.

Thanks for the reply.By the way, I admit I was wrong about Wake Hallow.It’s better now than it was without him, as in Global.There is an additional opportunity to pump and (or)collect loot from the slain animals.True, sometimes there are very, very many of them, but it’s even for the best-it’s not boring.

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