The Rate of Fire of all Templar Grenade Launchers, Firefield Casters, and Flamecasters was reverted to 60

Вы чё,вообще,обалдели!!!Был ОДИН доступный гранатомет с нормальной скорострельностью(120).А вы и его урезали до (60)!!! Я смотрю,вы усложняете игру вашими патчами (там урезал,там удалил,там ограничил доступ,там усложнил прохождение квеста),но ничего не предлагаете взамен!!! Вам что,делать нечего?Лучше-бы увеличили рюкзак и разобрались с пропажей модов из оружия в общей корзине!И добавили легендарные и выше предметы,выпадающие из боссов при их убийстве!!! А то,что простого мертвеца убил,что Молоха-все предметы-или белые,или зеленые!!!За кольца и краску я,вообще,молчу!!! Их,практически,невозможно ни найти,ни выбить из кого-то!!! Вы ругаете Hellgate Global.Так ,там,хоть,было,все,стабильно и предсказуемо !!!Да,были у них перегибы,но не до такой-же степени !!!Ребята,вы чё творите !!! И не нужно мне говорить-не нравится-не играй.Мне нравится.Я начинал играть в Hellgate -как,только,эта игра появилась!!! И вижу,во что вы ее превратили !!! Я вам,раньше,говорил и сейчас скажу:Вы иг-ру у-гро-би-ли !!! Гранатометы были последней каплей.Можете меня заблокировать,как в прошлый раз,но вы меня огорчили !!! Заметьте-я не сказал ни одного грубого слова,хотя очень хотелось !!! Всего доброго.Делаю перевод с помощью Яндекс-переводчика,но оставляю оригинал на русском языке.What are you, in general, stunned!!!There was ONE available grenade launcher with a normal rate of fire(120).And you cut it down to (60)!!! I see you complicate the game with your patches (there you cut it down, there you deleted it, there you restricted access, there you complicated the quest), but you don’t offer anything in return!!! Don’t you have anything to do?It would be better to increase the backpack and deal with the loss of mods from weapons in the common basket!And added legendary and higher items that drop out of bosses when they are killed!!! And the fact that he killed a simple dead man, that Moloch-all objects are either white or green!!!For rings and paint, I’m generally silent!!! They are practically impossible to find or knock out of someone!!! You are scolding Hellgate Global.So, there, though, everything was stable and predictable!!!Yes, they had kinks, but not to the same extent!!!Guys, what are you doing!!! And you don’t have to tell me-don’t like it-don’t play.I like.I started playing Hellgate - as soon as this game appeared!!! And I see what you’ve turned her into!!! I have told you before and I will tell you now:You are ig-ru u-gro-bi-li!!! The grenade launchers were the last straw.You can block me like last time, but you upset me!!! Notice-I didn’t say a single rude word, although I really wanted to!!! Have a nice day.I do the translation with the help of Yandex translator, I leave the original in Russian.

What you mean is, There is only one good Granade launcher and all other granade launcher are now even weaker? I know what you mean with that. The difference between the Granade launcher need to be rebalanced. But, there is so much to do and they have not much time to do all of that at once.

The leveling progress is too easy, the idea is to make it a bit harder again. Thats why the nerfs.

The New? Quest is too complicated, is that what you mean?
I didnt played the patch jet. But if the text from the quest is too complicated to understand, that you need to tell.

You feel that the game is not rewarding enough. Bosses and harder content should have better more special loot. And targeted farm. Like you can farm mods in certain areas insted completly random.
Or you can farm certain legendarys from certain bosses. More of that.

Certain contant is restricted? You mean that for some areas you must have a party otherwise you cant do it?
I think the problem with that is, that you can only get certain loot from that place and you cant get it solo.
Even if its more rare you have no chance to get these items on solo play.

I think what solo play actually needs are just more places where you can farm all day and know you can get endgame items there.
Group content should be more efficent to farm. But not the only content to get all items.

Is that you meant?

With all due respect, “you don’t offer anything in return” has to be the most illogical argument I’ve read. We just released 7 pages worth of notes, and there’s something there for everyone - including Templars, who are still left with buffed guns compared to the originals.

Now, I can’t leave this unanswered, because you have concerns and it’s my duty to help you. However, I’ve been working and typing nonstop for weeks, so I can’t be as extensive as usual.

First, please remember those are nerfs to our own buffs. 120 RoF (or 60 for Nova guns) is not “normal”, it’s what we buffed it to. In time, we get new feedback, see new data, and adjust accordingly - as a game in development should.
Second, the point of those specific nerfs was indeed to make leveling slightly less of a speedrun. I understand this was enjoyable, but many players and many of us found it imbalanced. They still work fine, and there are still many Templar choices for the endgame that don’t stunlock Catas with a click of a button.

This patch introduced over 70 new items on top of the ones we’ve added before, revamped most armor lines’ and slower swords’ inherents, and added new affixes. It added content where you can farm said items, while leaving global drops with new inherents to the global loot table.
Most of the new items do have targeted farm, as do most of the previous items we added. We’ve padded old bosses’ loot tables, added new bosses with unique loot to specific areas, and so forth.

If you refer to party play, this is a hard line to balance. Many players asked for party content, and we also agreed an MMO requires party content. Still, all of these areas’ items are tradeable and sellable, and we’ve also added solo-friendly content. We will add more of both, but we had our hands full this time.

Global was indeed stable. It was also boring, as our feedback suggests. But we always take feedback into account, so please explain what is so complicated about our additions and we will review it.

If this refers to the new questline, it launched with issues which we just finished fixing. You may find the details of it on Discord: Discord
The short version is this:

-Start with Baker in Holborn, make it to Vicar in Templar Base.
-There, complete “Triage” to access Envoy, who sends you to Broker. If you’ve completed Broker before this won’t be here, ignore it. If not, follow her to the Broker and finish his quests.
-Then, find Miner in Liverpool. To access his first quest, you need to have completed Vicar’s quest and Broker’s “Invicem” quest. For the second, you just need the first and the Final Test in Ploughyard.
That’s pretty much it. If you’ve finished any steps before, just take it from the start and find which step is now open to you.

Okay, accepted.These are emotions.But, I almost did it.It was unexpected for me to reduce the rate of fire by half.And here is a change.Simply, this spectral grenade launcher has a maximum damage of 20-30, plus attack power (electric and spectral).500-600 each.And the rate of fire is 120…That’s why I chose this weapon.But, he has, in total, -3 fashion.And vorpal has 7. And the rate of fire is 400.But vorpal has direct damage, and mine has area damage.Is there a difference?And that’s why-120-was just right.If mine also had 7 mods, there would be fewer questions.Or rather, just one.- Where can I get mods?I understand-London2038-collective game,But-I’m playing alone.I tried it once in the guild-I didn’t like it.I’m used to being my own boss.And I hope only for myself.But, I realized-it is almost impossible for a loner to find normal mods, weapons, armor.Only to buy.And then-not always.By the way-a very long time ago, I still collected about 12 necessary mods for worpals.But, they disappeared without a trace in the common basket.And that’s why I, and, this time, was very upset and not restrained.I hope I didn’t bore you too much.All the best. P.S. This is about weapons.For other questions

On disappearing item issue, while we don’t have a solution for that at the moment, we suspect that storing numerous items in your mailbox may affect this. If you do this please consider creating a new character for storing such items in your stash instead.

Omerta also implemented an item recovery process a while ago, if you manage your mailbox the disappeared items may reappear (one by one) on logging in with said character, but i cannot personally guarantee this will actually happen however, you may have a chance.

Thanks for the reply.Now I just don’t leave mods in weapons when I use a common basket.Mods-separately, weapons separately.So nothing disappears.I’ll take the opportunity to ask.Maybe you know the answer.Is the issue of increasing the space in the main backpack expected to be resolved?And then you have to disassemble a lot of objects.Or go out, often, from the location to the station when the backpack is full.

Can’t say anything about increasing the inventory size, but i would highly doubt anything like that would happen until we don’t resolve the issue with carrying too much items on a single character (which may lead to item loss as you see)

As for item management, there is already a quest found in Charing Cross Station which rewards you with an auto-dismantler item called The Piecemaker.

With this item you can automatically pick up and dismantle items below a quality level set by you in it’s user interface.

Later on, after finishing Broker’s questline you also get a Backpack which can hold 1x1 items for you, which is really helpful for decluttering your inventory.

Thank you, I’ve been using this for a long time.Very convenient.You can even use some injections, such as adrenaline, without taking them out of an additional backpack.Not all.For some reason.Anyway, thanks for your patience.Sometimes it’s not easy with me.Good luck.

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И вы в этом преуспели!!! Но у вас ошибка в словах.“чтобы снова сделать его нАмного сложнее”.Так будет точнее!Раньше на Стоунхендже можно было спокойно прокачаться.А сейчас вы довели сложность до абсурда!!! Не хочу материться,но вы охренели!!! Вам все равно-ушел пользователь,или играет.У вас отмазка-"Мы фанаты,мы любители,мы не профи.Это бесплатно!!!"Не нравиться-не играй.Да.Мне не нравиться!Во что вы превратили хорошую игру.В нее-же стало невозможно играть!!! Я долго терпел,но “терпелка” кончилась!!!Я вам деликатно говорю.И на русском языке.Идите вы с такой игрой лесом!!! Я удалил всех персонажей,хотя,было жалко.И палладия много,и шмоток.Но вы достали!!! Я не знаю,как удалить профиль и потому,просто выхожу из него.И поверьте,назад я не вернусь.Хотя,думаю,вам наср…ть на это.Одним больше,одним меньше.Но рекламу я вашей игре создам.Вернее,то,во что вы ее превратили.

Well, that sucks.

Dont know what exactly is harder during lvling? On nightmare difficulty the lvl 56+ zones are hard but also more with group play in mind.

And no, its sucks when people leave. I had no problems with leveling but i also know the game and i didnt played the new patch jet.

What where you playing? Maybe the class itself is hard to level with ( for some classes like marksman you kinda need to know wich weapon to use, otherwise you have a hard time ).

I’m truly sorry it has come to this too. I don’t quite understand what happened in this case, as we haven’t changed anything related to leveling. Perhaps drop rates, but those too are being worked on as we speak.

Still, we do care for each and every player who leaves. That’s why we’ve never stopped gathering your feedback and answering your questions, and have always developed the project with it in mind. I wouldn’t spend countless hours here and on Discord over the years engaging with players unless this were true.
Even if you do choose to not return after this incident, please explain what happened so we can understand it. It will help us improve on what you’re objecting to, and benefit others.

Пишу на русском языке.Это лучше передаст мое настроение.
(Получилось очень много,но наберитесь терпения и дочитайте до конца.Если вам,и вправду,не безразлично мнение игроков.)Ладно.Пар спустил-можно и поговорить.Скажу чесно.Сейчас я жалею,что удалил всех персонажей.Но,не очень.Хотя ,палладия было ,почти миллион и шмоток с модами на пол лимона.Ну,да-ладно.Раз я это сделал-значит так было нужно.Это было,как клапан в системе.Чтобы не взорваться.Вы меня ,надеюсь,поняли.И,скорее всего,через время,я,опять,сяду за эту игру.Надеюсь,что-то изменится,в лучшую сторону.Теперь о главном.Начну сначала.Когда пропал Hellgate Global и появился London2038,я начал,опять,играть.Через какое-то время бросил.И оставил в игре 3 или 4 своих персонажа(Я всегда,играл за “хранителя”).2038 очень отличался от Glodal.И многое мне не понравилось.Потом,примерно,через год я вернулся.И оказалось,что у моих персонажей появилось по 1 ретрейнеру скиллов.Но,когда я создал нового персонажа-у него ретрейнера не было.Но,это не важно.Просто,я,все,по порядку пишу.Потерпите.И играл до настоящего момента.Все было нормально.Я привык к новым скиллам.Некоторые,мне,даже,понравились.Короче,я стал получать от игры удовольствие.Пока не появился патч 1.5.5b,и 1.5.6b.Какой из них изменил игру до безобразия-я не знаю.Они вышли,почти,одновременно.Я,всегда,прокачивался На Стоунхендже,у четырех боссов.Вы знаете,что в Glodal-вход в ихние локации был прямо из Стоунхенджа.В 2038-не так.Нужно пройти общую локацию перед тем,как войти к боссам.Эта локация большая,но,в основном прокачка проходила внутри каждой из четырех локаций боссов,включая предбанник у каждого босса.Надеюсь,вы поняли,о чем я говорю.На каждого босса у меня уходило по 1 часу,или 2,в зависимости от настроения.Общая локация,практически,не участвовала в прокачке.Пройдя всех,четырех боссов я поднимался на следующий уровень.Это,если не спеша,примерно,2 уровня в день.Это-что было раньше.Теперь-же после последних двух патчей все,в корне,изменилось!Вся нечисть,в общей локации,как будто,взбесилась!!!Я,сначала,решил,что причина в том,что я брал квест у одного из выживших,где бонус(+1 голова).Т.к.-когда не брал квест,а сразу шел в локацию,было,вроде,нормально,как раньше.Я проходил к боссам без проблем.Но сегодня-это было что-то!!!Мало того,что вся нечисть взбесилась(синие,оранжевые,желтые),так еще,они были в таком количестве,будто,в самом деле,врата ада сорвало с петель!!!И,когда я подходил к локации боссов,то я получал три,а иногда четыре уровня за 1-2 часа игрового времени.У меня были персонажи 30 и 50-15 ранг уровня!!!Так это было в общей локации,которая перед боссами!!!Я не играл-я выживал!!!(А у боссов было все,как раньше-в меру.)Хотя,защита нормальная,оружие тоже(У меня всегда были гранатометы с электроуроном,ворпалы с рикошетом 60 процентов и третья пара-щит со stampede-3 и гранатомет с електроуроном.Плюс ко всему сказанному-я за эти 1-2 часа получал,всего,2-3 легендарных и редко-1 уникальный предмет!!! Это нормально,вы считаете!!!А эти яблоки,хлеб,тыква и т.д.!!!И -Австралия-это что!!!Я пытался пару раз войти-и сразу выходил.У меня уровень на 3-4 меньше,чем у нечисти,но они-почти,не убиваемые!!Игра должна приносить удовольствие.Я не прав?Ну,вот-как-то так.

For readers of this discussion, this is the above post’s translation:

I write in Russian, it will better convey my mood.
(It turned out a lot, but be patient and read to the end. If you really care about the opinions of the players.) Okay. Let the steam down, you can talk. Honestly. Now I regret that I deleted all the characters. But not very much. .Although there was palladium, almost a million and clothes with mods for half a lemon. Well, yes, okay. Once I did it, then it was necessary. It was like a valve in the system. In order not to explode. I hope you understood . And, most likely, after a while, I, again, sit down for this game.
I hope that something will change for the better. Now about the main thing. I’ll start over. When Hellgate Global disappeared and London2038 appeared, I started playing again. After a while I quit. And left 3 or 4 of my characters in the game ( I always played for the “keeper”). 2038 was very different from Glodal. And I didn’t like a lot. Then, about a year later, I returned. And it turned out that my characters had 1 skill retrainer each. But when I created a new one character, he did not have a retrainer. But it doesn’t matter. I just write everything in order. Be patient. And I played until now. Everything was fine. I’m used to new skills.
Some, I even liked it. In short, I began to enjoy the game. Until the patch 1.5.5b, and 1.5.6b appeared. Which of them changed the game to disgrace, I don’t know. They came out almost at the same time. , always, pumped On Stonehenge, at four bosses. You know that in Glodal, the entrance to their locations was directly from Stonehenge. In 2038, not so. You need to go through the general location before entering the bosses. This location is large, but , basically pumping took place inside each of the four boss locations, including the dressing room for each boss. I hope you understand what I’m talking about. Each boss took me 1 hour, or 2, depending on my mood.
The general location, practically, did not participate in the pumping. After passing all four bosses, I ascended to the next level. This is, if slowly, about 2 levels a day. That was before. Now, after the last two patches, everything is in fundamentally, changed! All the evil spirits, in the general location, seemed to have gone berserk !!! I, at first, decided that the reason was that I took the quest from one of the survivors, where the bonus (+1 head). - when I didn’t take the quest, but immediately went to the location, it was, like, normal, as before.
I went to the bosses without any problems. But today it was something !!! Not only did all the evil spirits go berserk (blue, orange, yellow), but also, they were in such numbers, as if, in fact, the gates of hell blown off the loops !!! And when I approached the location of the bosses, I got three, and sometimes four levels in 1-2 hours of playing time. I had characters 30 and 50-15 rank level !!! the general location, which is in front of the bosses !!! I did not play, I survived !!! (And the bosses had everything, as before, in moderation.)
Although, the defense is normal, the weapons are too (I always had grenade launchers with electric damage, vorpals with a ricochet of 60 percent and a third para-shield with stampede-3 and a grenade launcher with electro damage. , 2-3 legendary and rarely-1 unique item !!! It’s okay, you think !!! And these apples, bread, pumpkin, etc. !!! And -Australia is that !!! I tried a couple of times enter and immediately left. My level is 3-4 less than that of evil spirits, but they are almost not killed !! The game should be fun. Am I wrong? Well, something like that.

For one, I’m happy you could relax and consider returning at some later point. That’s always been this project’s goal, to let people enjoy the game we enjoy ourselves.
So now I may begin to answer these concerns here.

This was because 2038 was based on Flagship’s 2.0 Test Center version of the game. Global scrapped most of it and started from 1.3, hence the differences.
But yes, tastes are understandable.

I’m assuming your characters existed between two patches where we distributed Retrainers. That usually happens when patches make massive changes, as our way of helping the players adapt.
Your new characters wouldn’t have one, because they were crated afterwards. Still, they can now get 2 free ones from the tutorial questline.

I might have missed some text here. Sorry if that’s the case.
Anyway, please note that Wake Hallow was always there since 2038 began. This was Flagship’s creation, and we’ve never changed anything about it.
The one thing we recently did was add daily quests for boss heads, where you can get one of each head for free. This was exactly because we understand that Wake Hallow makes hunting them slower. We can’t remove it (yet), but this was an attempt to help make it better.

We haven’t changed anything that should have this effect. The last two patches only changed the AI of Imp Snipers, which could make those runs harder.
Now, it’s fair to say they’re hard. We’re monitoring this and collecting feedback on it. So, if you can confirm this is the problem, I will note down your displeasure with it.

Same as above, we have not changed enemy density or numbers in Wake Hallow. If you can test this and replicate it, it would be most helpful.

This one we did do, because we reverted an old buff to drop rates we had made. That’s to say, those are Flagship’s original drop rates.
But yes, we have noted that many players do not like this and are working on a compromise/solution.

Those are drops for Flagship’s Halloween events. We didn’t have them last year because we entered Beta, but this year we scheduled them normally.

Australia scales to the player level +5, the same way as Moloch does. Now yes, the dungeon is much harder than other content, but that’s because players were asking for harder content to do. It also offers some endgame-viable drops, so we could not make it easy.
Still, if you go prepared and with a tank in the party you should be fine. Now that we fixed its drop rates (too much, looks like) players are already running it in parties of 2-3.

All in all, please understand we’re working all the time and have to please very different people. The other day, someone “scolded” us for not providing a harder endgame - and I linked to your posts as an example of a player who wants easier, solo-friendly content. We cannot possibly satisfy both people like you and people like them at the same time, but we’re still trying to.
That’s why I’m always responding to such posts, even if communication with you is (naturally) harder. I care about our work satisfying players, and to do so I must try to understand your perspective and process it - even if I don’t agree with every point.

Не соглашусь с Вами.Может"Wake Hallow"-где-то и был,но,я помню,точно-когда спускаешься по лестнице-передо мной,впереди,видны 4 входа с разноцветными свечками,кажется-желтая,сиреневая,зеленая и красная.Или Вы говорите о London2038?Я говорю о Hellgate Global.Уже,на Стоунхендже эти четыре локации имели отдельный вход.И не было общей локации,внутри которой находились-бы локации боссов.И,спасибо за терпение.

Нет,сама по себе нечисть-не проблема.Проблема-в плотности и количестве монстров.Такого раньше не было.И,я,так понимаю Вы,сами,в недоумении,почему так произошло?Мне сделать скриншот,или видео об этом?Тогда придется подождать.Я начинаю с нуля,с нового персонажа.Старых я удалил.

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I’m sorry, it seems I misunderstood you. Yes, Global had placed those 4 areas directly in the station, while our (Flagship’s) version had them locked away in Wake Hallow. For what it’s worth, I also preferred Global’s approach to them.

Patience is a virtue, and it’s evidently useful :slight_smile: As long as we’re discussing constructively, that’s all I need. You’re also probably translating my words yourself, so I can only repay your effort with mine.

Yes, it would be very helpful if you could produce a video. At a data level, there is no reason why their numbers would increase so much; we haven’t tweaked them intentionally in any way, and this sounds too much to be natural variation.
I can only assume the quest might somehow affect it, but you’re the first to report this. The only one to report this so far, actually - so I’d really like to find out how it might have happened.

Okay, I’ll make a video about it, but as I said before, I’ll have to create a new character.So, we’ll have to wait.

By the way, what does this mean?What kind of training quests?By the way, what time is it?

There is a new quest chain from the start to the end.
If you do all quest you would do this one anyways.

And on nightmare difficult the quest chain is there too, wich is why you can get 2 retrainer.

I always work alone.This cannot be changed.