The Summoner's mini-guide to Dessy

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In the same direction as the Evo mini-guide to Dessy, this mini-guide is meant to highlight the ways in which newcomer Summoners may best tackle the benign undead husk that is Dessy.

To copy, since Dessy always ticks the same:

"What’s a Dessy, and how it ticks

The Desiccator (often abbreviated as “Dessy”) is, essentially, a large Hellmeat. Thus, it shares their slow movement and infrequent melee slap-like strikes. This is where similarities end, however.

It has a unique skill that petrifies a player within ~20 meters of it for 7 seconds, during which time the player is rendered immobile, but is also invulnerable to damage for the duration of the petrification.

It also summons a number of mummified versions of Lurkers, which can be fairly dangerous in large numbers. Said mummies also possess a skill of their own, that immobilizes them while granting them massive Shields.

Lastly, Dessy is currently the only boss to possess a passive regeneration-over-time property (as opposed to instant regeneration, like Sekworm’s), along with massive armor and elemental resistances. It is this resilience that makes this encounter as difficult as it is, often being an impossible one to beat if players can’t deal more damage than it regenerates."

Poison? Maybe. CCM? Leave it alone. Minion damage? FTW.

This may well be the single best encounter for solo Summoners. One may even argue that such bosses as this one, and arguably the later Imhotep, have been taylor-made for this class to properly function as a very practical minion-hive tank.

The Desiccator in particular becomes easy, practically harmless prey for Summoners, for a few reasons.

  1. The Petrification doesn’t interrupt damage output, as minions remain unphased by it.
  2. The Petrification renders players invincible, so it’s practically of benefit.
  3. Minions (particularly Forces) ensure the player is kept safe when not petrified.
  4. Non-Force minions may still be fragile, but they’re kept out of harm’s way, and thus can be stacked for tremendous damage.

What this translates to in terms of gear and setup is a rather unconventional result, by early 2038 standards anyway.
+Poison strength becomes a decent option, as Toxics will be hitting more than the player and total damage will outdo Dessy’s regeneration, and CCM becomes entirely useless. What truly shines is, +minion damage.

The Legion

As mentioned above, the otherwise fragile Elementals are perfectly sustainable in this encounter. With this in mind, otherwise dubious builds become viable in this scenario.

Primary skills

4/10 Forces
4 is a rough number, and may be increased or decreased according to the player’s wishes, gear and available Power. 4 should be a safe minimum to keep foes at bay, away from Toxics.

10/10 Toxics
Those fragile poison furnaces are almost completely safe in this encounter, so they’re maxed for maximum damage and poison chance. The field their attacks leave behind also assists in killing mummies on spawn, and also boasts synergy with Brom’s if the player chooses to use it.

10/10 Warper, 7/7 Spellstorm, 7/7 Spectral Strike
The true star, the Warper will deal massive damage and phase Dessy on ocassion. Maxing both the main skill and the 2 commands ensures the Warper is as powerful as he can be.

3/6 Blood Link, 10/10 Summoning Circle
As safe as he may be here, the Warper is still a fragile nuke on batlegs. Maxing Circle allows him to survive any surprise blows.

Secondary skills

5/5 Elemental Drain
While it’s an excellent bonus towards applying poison and phase, this skill has a few disadvantages that downgrade it to a secondary option.

  1. Its range of 20m forces the player into Petrification range, which may disrupt its long cast animation.
  2. It is a decent point investment of 10-11 total skillpoints (2+2+2+4, or 5 if there’s a +1 AS), which players may not be able to afford.
  3. Using it requires a focus item, that many Summoners may choose to not wield over other options (such as dual Master’s Hands, for a total of +2 to all skills).

1+ Blink
While always a great panic button, this is such a safe encounter for Summoners that it can by no means be considered a primary skill.

10/10 Elemental Nova
This skill boasts a 10-second CD when maxed, so it’s a decent option to consider in-between petrifications. However, Toxics will often be out of range, Forces will not provide noteworthy damage, and 10 points may not be available to max it.

5/5 Master of the Elements
This may prove to be a primary skill, depending on the player’s available Power pool and desired numbers of Elementals. However, Power can be safely managed without it, so it’s deemed secondary.

More Elementals, and/or 10/10 Spectral Elemental
One may choose to invest into more Elementals, and it certainly wouldn’t be a wasted investment. However, it’s deemed secondary as it’s not required to surpass Dessy’s regeneration, the Power pool may be too strained, and points may not be available for branching out this much.

The shiny gear

The only truly necessary properties on armor for this encounter are +minion stats, +AA (All Attributes), and possibly +WILL.

  1. Go for the “Dominating” (+40-50% minion damage, +10-15% health and armor) mythic property. This stacks with the “Scathing” (+40-50% minion damage) legendary property that may appear or be augmented on gear, thus practically doubling the +damage cap that can be attained.
  2. +Minion armor and health may be secondary, but minions still benefit from them. Forces may be sturdy by nature, but leaving them entirely unboosted may render them too fragile.
  3. +AA and +WILL are meant to pump the Power pool to levels that can sustain the Elementals.

In terms of weapons, one may choose to use two Unique “The Master’s Hand” guns, for a total of +2 to All Skills.
A Bloodshard may be used for their high inherent poison strength, and would best be modded with +poison strength relics. Using a Bloodshard or any foci also enables the use of such skills as Elemental Drain.
A Hive Shard gun, also modded with +poison strength relics, could be used, as it produces a toxic field that deals constant damage and increases the chances of applying poison. Their low inherent radius may be alleviated by seeking ones with the “Global” and/or “Megacircumferential” properties (mythic and legendary, +100% and +20% radius respectively), and/or using mods with the “Amplified” legendary property (+15% radius).

So that’s it!
Possible expansions, elaborations, and demonstrational video to follow soon :slight_smile:

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Gear used:

-7x generic armor pieces, with the Legendary attributes “Scathing” (+40-50% minion damage), “Buttressing” (+20-25% minion armor), and “Beneficial” (+20-25% minion health), and some with the Legendary property “Fearless” (+7-8 All Attributes).
-Generic ring with +40% minion damage.
-The “Ultimate Venom” dye kit, with minor +poison attack strength.

-1x Legendary Bloodshard, modified with +poison strength relics.
-1x Mythic Hive Shard, modified with +radius relics.

-Leadership (+14% minion damage)
-Affliction (+28% All Elemental Attack Strengths)
-Enhanced Stamina and Willpower (+38 Stamina and Willpower, respectively)

Evaluation and notes

The most noteworthy aspect of this set is that it is far from the ideal set. Naturally, it’s pefectly attainable through normal gameplay, but it is nowhere near what is ideally achievable.

-The +minion damage property used (“Scathing”) is a Legendary one. A truly good +minion stat set has the Mythic variant of this property (“Dominating”), and an ideal set has both.
-The +AA is likewise Legendary, and there’s no +WILL. An ideal set either has this as a Mythic property, or more Mythic/Legendary +stat properties (preferably +Willpower and possibly +Stamina depending on feeds), or both, so as to facilitate more Elementals for faster killing times.
-The “Heart of Darkness” set torso could be used, providing an amazing boost due to its 10-20% added Spectral damage (a unique property among armor pieces) and its standard +20-25 AA.
-A Mythic Bloodshard(s) with the “Corrupted” (+toxic damage, +poison strength) property could be used for a higher chance to inflict poison. Conversely, 2 “Master’s Hand” guns (for a total of +2 to all skills), or 1-2 “Remnants of Greggas” Unique Ripshards (for a total of +2-6 to Warper and Circle, +20-60% minion damage, and extra slots for +minion damage relics), or a combination of the two, could be used, to alleviate the issue of limited skillpoints, and allow for more Elementals and/or complementary skills to be invested into.
-Relics with +minion damage could also be used on one’s weapons of choice (excluding “Master’s Hand” guns which have no slots).

So, in numbers, as much as +800% minion damage, if not more for the truly dedicated, is attainable. I deliberately stayed in the much lower bracket of ~400% to demonstrate that the encounter is highly beatable without absolutely perfect gear, since Summoners boast a terrific class advantage for this encounter.

I do hope that I’ve made “[your] course” towards defeating the sturdy behemoth that is the Desiccator “just a bit clearer” :slight_smile:

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Can you post final skills for this build? If make this summoner from scratch :slight_smile: Or i must leveling in other build and then reset? Then what you build recomend for newbie :slight_smile:

The foundations of the build can be followed from scratch, yes. Forces and the Warper are a solid build core, that can then be combined with DF or guns, other Elementals, whatever one wishes.
The 3 options that are questionable when leveling are Toxic Elementals, Spellstorm, and Spectral Strike. None of them assist much with leveling up, so they would be best invested into once the rest of the build has been covered.

As for what I’d recommend for a newcomer, probably something closer to the Warper/gunslinger build I posted here: Alpha mini-guides: Summoner

It’s pretty much the same build, with a few modifications and different weapons of choice.
Of course, one could always go for the DF tank build instead for safety, or combine them; a build can absolutely use DF and the Warper, and rely on Brom’s for survivability.

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