This weapon disappears in Abyss if you use it, watch out until they fix it

Hello, sorry, but I have tried this before putting this title, if it only happens to me, I apologize in advance.
Abyss zone, killing Fulcrum by myself, all normal, but equipped with the “Hellbore laser rifle Double-Edge” weapon equipped in the “Battle set 2” slot (it’s not a weapon I used to kill Fulcrum, but I had a situation that I was interested in using it) , well… just switch to it and shoot… It disappears from the slot “Battle set 2” I have killed Fulcrum with another weapon, everything normal.
I have restarted, I have waited for the time to be able to kill him again, I have bought another equal weapon but with a different prefix, but also the same weapon “Hellbore Laser rifle Double-Edge” I have entered and exactly the same, press second equipment slot, shoot and disappeared too…
This second one has hurt me a little, but the first one was very good and the mods too. A shame.
I hope it’s easy to correct, thanks in advance. All the best

Hi there Raelius, thanks for reporting this.
Small update from our Discord, the issue has been successfully reproduced. So far it seems exclusive to this weapon type, and the weapon seems to be… taking damage and dying, for some reason.
We’ll be looking into this, and we’ll hopefully find a solution.