Tls failure win 7

I have yet to see a soluton to this. This problem has eliminated me from the game for months and months. At one point I tried reenabling tls 1.2. Didnt work. I only use win 7 and on 4 systems hellgate is dead. There was another thread - it didnt have a solution. The devs just killed part of the community - if they dont care … ok. But it doesnt appear there is anything I can do about this. Many apps running on win 7 use secure sockets with no problem. I’m sorry to see so little interest in the dev community in correcting this.

From a dissafected player.

The solution is quite simple actually. Move on to a supported operating system. Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 back in 2020, it’s time to move on, we did nothing to cause this, it happened due to the fact that the OS stopped getting security updates and our software server-side and client-side moved on to better security practices. You can still to this day upgrade to Windows 10 for free from Windows 7 Home/Pro, do a Google search on how to do it, the information is readily available. Just because you choose not to do so does not mean the devs need to solve your problem or anyone else for that matter. It’s not our fault or anyone else’s that you choose to stay in the past on an unsecured OS no longer supported by the manufacturer or any other game developer. Months and months ago you could have upgraded to a supported OS to fix the problem and you chose not to, and you blame others?? That’s a joke right? The Devs didn’t kill anything, we moved on, and we gave people almost a year to do so themselves, it’s not our fault if they chose otherwise. If you wish to stay on an unsupported End-Of-Life 11-year-old Operating System, then you will have to deal with the consequences of such a choice.

Follow this article to enable TLS 1.2 in Windows 7, if this does not work, or you can’t get it working, see above… -

A Simple Google search would have found you this…