Two questions to developers

Hi there.
Well, first of all I would like to express my infinite gratitude for your work so far in this project. Ability to play this game on the multiplayer mode after so long is just fantastic.

Question one:
Given the fact that you can still find the HG:Global launcher on the Internet, would it be possible to launch the HG:Global project like that one?
I understand the copyrights and so on, but since I played Lineage 2 on various private servers, nobody said anything about copyrights. Duh! They even had donation systems!

Question two:
Since the project is going forward, how about adding 3 classes?
I was thinking if I could experiment with that Reanimator thing, try some modding and add something like an Archer(Hunter), a Bishop(Templar) and a Prophet(Cabalist).
These would be as follows: DPS, Healer, Buffer.
And yes, I understand that for some of them it would require some weapon and armor textures.

I’m not one of the developers, but I do know from previous similar discussions here and on discord that classic Hellgate: London is their motivation and their labour of love. I played both and enjoyed both, but I would choose the original Hellgate: London over Global any day of the week.

I think you will find that Global has no place nor plan in this project. I’m glad about that and not just because I prefer the classic original game. But because I believe that dabbling with Global stands a good chance of attracting the wrong kind of attention to this project. The kind of attention that leads to cease and desist notices being served.

They are just my thoughts as a fan though, and I reiterate that I am not a developer or in any way associated with this wonderful project.

Thanks for your reply.
Soo… Maybe they could add more locations and bosses. And as I asked before - classes. That would give this project some originality.

hi i am new to this game i trying to log on to the online verson but it keeps saying error 401 but i just made a account so my account name and password r right

Check your installation once again. And remember that you need the old hellgate, not a global launcher. Ensure that you follow all steps from the installation guide.