Unablle to connect


I trying play on your server. I install game in english language and choose region North America. After I install MP patch and london2038 launcher.
Start game and choose Mlutiplayer. I insert my nickname and password, but i have error. You have been disconnected.

Can you help me?

Is this happening while you’re typing your username and password, or after you click the button to log in? If it’s happening while typing, other people have experienced it and the cause seems to be unknown.

After I click the buttin to log in. :frowning:

Does it say something about your username and/or password being wrong? Just to make sure, you signed up on this page? “London 2038” is the selected server when you log in?

No, trying connect to server and return this error.

I have three options for server London 2038 (all with some name). I try all three servers.

Do you have antivirus? What is the exact message?