"Wake Hallow"-to clean up or not to clean up

Hello, everyone.I weighed all the pros and cons for a long time.I decided to write.I played Hellgate Global.There, at Stonehenge, the entrance to the four bosses was, immediately, from Stonehenge.Started playing London 2038.In it, in front of the bosses, there is first a dressing room-“Wake Hallow”.Well, you all know that.And so.At first I was in favor of removing it and doing it like in the Global. But… .The more I play, the more I am convinced that it is not necessary to do this.Here are my arguments.What will the player have if the dressing room is removed?Collecting goals will be faster.That’s all.But, now and so the player gets a bonus + 1 head when working with bosses.I think this compensates for the slowdown in collecting goals.Plus, excellent character leveling, without strain.The levels are the same with the animals.In addition, now there are more colored objects falling out than white ones.And this is palladium.And, of course, the pleasure of the game, during this process.Here, something like that.I would like to receive comments on this.Good-bad-everything equally.The main thing is to be frank.All the best.
P.S. I thought that the question would arise- why am I saying all this?I explain.There is a conversation that they want to remove Wake Hallow.And we haven’t made a decision yet (I hope that’s the case) I decided to bring this issue to the discussion of the players.Although, the opinion of the team of fans (developers) does not always coincide with the opinion of the players, I think, in this case, the opinions will coincide.Well, the guys will have less work.While. :upside_down_face: