Want to Buy legion guards and fulcrum ring i offer the best slippy u can find on game itmlvl 57 4 slot max skills

I need fulcrum ring with 45 or more minion damage and 2 diferent sumoner skills
i need legion guards with augment of minion damage (if some evo has augmented and has got minion damage i pay for them well) i can give him a clean ones and 250 extra k or just 500-600k

i can offer for both things (or just for ring if its good enought) a very high slipp 4 slot itmlvl 57 (195 power) with all skills ( max lvl) i still havent seen any focus with more damage than this slippy since wipe. best slippy any evoker would love!!!

i also have a tropical storm 2 slots to trade if some1 interested.

i need:
legion wards with MD (i will offer mines without MD and pala)
fulcrum ring with more than 45% md and 2 sumoner skills
heart of darkness with more than 37% MD

i can offer:
sliipy 4 slots power 195 (item lvl 57) max skills
tropical storm 2 slots
2x techa gloves clean
1 tull skull 3 slots drain live 3 broom curse 2 (10% spectral damage ) 320 phase str
feral boots 42% minion damage 2 sprint (crit /damage and acuracy 19)
1 legion wards no clean with no minion damage