WaterLoo crash and game version question

Hiya. NillaWafers here. New to the forum. Played the O.G. game back in the day.
Thanks for keeping this game alive.

Few questions.
Are there 2 versions of London 2038? Open Beta and London 2038.

Or is everyone forced into open beta. I installed the game via the install FAQ found on this site.

I am currently rank 20 and have started the Waterloo questlines. When I go to load this area, my game will CTD. Is there a setting graphic wise that is known to interfere with the game?

Just prior to this - I was essentially questless - with no indicators given at the templar station. The templar base tunnel door opened and I went there briefly before realizing they wouldnt give me the quests. So i came back to templar station and I could talk to some key people again to get the quest rolling. Not sure if this borked something. Other areas seem to load just fine.

i submitted a bug report via teh form. I see the game created mini dumps files when I would crash. Is there a request / upload area for these?

Hello there and welcome back on board!

Jumping straight to answeriung your questions:

  1. While there is other sp mods out there, there is only one version of 2038 that is mp. And this one is in fact the open beta. Surely you can play other mods, like the 2038 singleplayer version, but for that you should look on the hellgateaus.cyou forums. Contra might be able to help you over there.

  2. As for your crashing issue, we might have to dig a little deeper. As Hellgate is being … well, Hellgate, there can be alot of things that can cause crashes. Here are some questions, which can help pinpointing the issue:
    Are you running dx9 or dx10? - Dx10 is not optimized and thus prone to alot more crashes than dx9.
    Does this happen when entering from the station or by traversing hellrifts? - Entering/exiting rifts has a chance to crash, unfortunately. :pensive:
    Is it the only map where this happens? - There might be other areas where this can happen as well, so any further bit can help.

  3. One you reach Temple Station there should be some quests available. Maybe there was/is a little pause until they become available. (just a few seconds - some locations/act transitions have a short ‘break’ like this) Templar Base however becomes more relevant a little later in the storyline. Starting from lvl15 you can accept the entry-quest for Stonehenge and get some more quests there. The other portal in Templar Base leads to Parliament Square. This one becomes available once you hit lvl30.

I hope this could answer some of your questions. :slightly_smiling_face:

So I’m not entirely sure whats happening honestly. I guess its Hellgate being Hellgate.

I eventually got the Waterloo zone to load - via the templar station. It took many tries. It would range from CTD - to game freezes.

Once I made it through - it loaded everything just fine - all areas past waterloo loading fine, passageways, and a rift I explored.

Head back to turn in rewards, quests, etc. I progress to the next area - same scenario. about 30 CTD later I managed to load it.

So the only pattern im seeing so far - is once I progress the story a bit with the purple icon people. not them yellows… the next zone load fails. Every other zone warp , etc seems to work just fine, until i go to progress.

I didnt realize I had a PDA quest Item, which i used and thus opened some quests I had passed a bit. So I had to backtrack through an area I had already cleared in the session - massive string of CTD follow.

Well through shear aggression and fortitude I managed to quest my way to Monument station and get some stuff done. Just not practical to relaunch the game 300 times. Seriously wishing there was an auto login function now. xDD

oh yes. Ive tried using dx 9 and dx 10 versions.

I was strictly using dx9 until this issue appeared.

Ive used many combos of video options. Nothing seems to help.

How does the game run flawlessly for 20 hrs or so - and then just falls flat on its face. Is there a game file somewhere that is bugged or bloating up as we play?

Whats up with all the .map files in mydocuments/mygames/hellgate folder? why are there 10 million of them?

edit managed to join up with another player at monument station. it didnt help the loading.

I will eventually conquer you lower thames!

well I’ve managed to make some progress.

But its essentially any zone from monument has a high % to crash the game on me.
I did all the templar base quests and have progressed into act 5 I’m assuming.
I had zero crashes.
Started doing the broker quests - thus backtracking - and I’m crashing loading into the Stand nonstop now.

Is there a console command I can use to just warp / load me into a map?