We need free auto-dismantler on this game

I play this game 2 long to know we need one for free…
If you don’t allow the old mmbbq to do this job you should try to give this feature for free…
Reason why is because I played for over 4 months in the old one and before I quit the game I endup using mmbbq to do this job for me and was the only reason I keep playing the game for over 2 years until it close. Is a game killer not having this, you will reduce population to a selected group that are willing to manually dismantle millions of items to get their weapons upgraded. Also you need 100% if not 200% permanent buff on experience at some point, I know because I try to level a char the old way and took me months to get myself anywhere near the max levels in the old server and I was playing like 10hrs a day back then. All I see is rank 20 arround the server, probably the reason you don’t see rank 40 is because people just stop playing after seen what the game is missing. That fun factor of having stonhence doors very close to go for head hunt or level up and the map are hard to reset since you need to log off every single time. I tested this server and stop playing at level 27 when I was checking stonhence and seen how bad the respawns and door locations where setup. Well hope you get something done in the future to see more mounster arround, since I can’t even find an option to go nightmare to boost the fun. I still need to experience party on harder difficultys but so far fill so easy and empty, missing more mobs arround me is what I remember from testing this older version.

You seem to be labouring under a few misconceptions here, the largest of which is that London2038 has anything to do with Hellgate:Global or the recent Steam release of Hellgate, which is essentially a single-player-only Hellgate:Global. It doesn’t. This is about the original 2007 game, with all its warts.

Also, asking the people who are trying to get the original HG:L running to change their game in order to allow a cheating tool to work that, as far as I can see, only ever worked with a completely different version of the game, namely HG:G, strikes me as about as wrong-headed as can be. If anything, it’s the “job” of the developers of said cheating tool to get it working with a game. Also, given that it is a rather comprehensive cheating tool, I’m personally against this course of action, however much I’d appreciate the convenience of an auto-dismantler. And I can’t imagine I’m the only one here.

Secondly, at least for the first play through of the London campaign to level 30, XP is balanced quite nicely. I can’t say anything about Nightmare mode yet, as I haven’t played enough of it. Which, by the way, is unlocked by killing Sydonai at the end of the original London campaign. For slightly more of a challenge than normal mode, create a character on Elite (more rare, legendary and unique mobs; slightly more and harder mobs in general), or even Hardcore Elite (Elite plus perma-death).

Thirdly, given that there is very little end game (no Tokyo, only London, Stonehenge and Abyss), what’s the rush with levelling anyway?

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To add to that. The team behind 2038 has always been very clear and focused on the fact that this is Hellgate: London Classic and is for the fans of the original game first and foremost. Personally I hope they stick to that design focus.

The community that has grown up around this project is primarily made up of very long standing fans of the 2007 Flagship Studios game. Not having the Global trinkets and shortcuts is not something that seems to matter to the target audience. I count myself in that group of people.

I appreciate that some won’t enjoy 2038 as much as Global. But I wholeheartedly support any move to keep this game as close to the original as possible.

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You are just so wrong. Global was allowed to become a “Wild West” once Hanbitsoft lost interest and income, the sheriffs all left town. Two guilds in particular organised mass mmbbq hacking(cheating) on an industrial scale, it was a joke. We dont want that here, Gudy said it very well for me.

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I just ask for and easy way to reset map respawn and difficulty, same as having an easy way to pick and dismantle trash from the ground. Yhea MMBBQ was a problem back then, if it was not for the bot the tool was a nice thing to have for the extra speed and dismantle feature. This is a fun family size proyect, there is no reason to have auto-dismantler hide away from people, they can’t upgrade to tokio, but maybe they can’t add this things with mods or something, I’m not so nerd about how versions work arround the game, just trying to point this is a game killer for many players in the long run. I’m 35 years old, I don’t care about cheating at this point, I care about keeping the fun on and getting rid of one of the most broke things on the game (space inventory and auto-dismantler). Oh now I remember you can also have extra space on inventory for free, was a premium feature and would be nice to have that as well.

We are working on fixing real game breaking bugs and server crash issues, it’s an alpha, that’s what you do during an alpha. Quality of life items will come later. If not having a auto-dismantler is game breaking for you I would advise you go play the steam version for now.

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I just apreciate you made this possible one day. Been alpha version means is open for changes, there is nothing negative about it. Why would I go back to a singleplayer version lol I allready spended 4 month in the old one without a dismantler and I had the experience of living without a dismantler, it gets very tidius at some point, spending the extra year having one was a life change on the game, I could finally dismantle enough materials to upgrade my weapons or just upgrade some for new players and give them a hand with some +5 weapons to help them on their adventure. What I hate about the manual dismantler, is the need to conffirm every single time, it would take half the time if thing this was not required, but is a game feature you can’t change I suppose.

I think you are missing the point. The priority currently is to fix the last handful of actual game breaking bugs. Once we are done doing so then we will start adding quality of life changes to the game. It’s not that we can’t do it, it’s that right now it’s not very high on the priority list. I suggested playing the steam version because you claim that not having an auto dismantler is a game killer, if that’s how you really feel then you should play a version of the game that has what you want for now. Further down the line when we add quality of life features like a dismantler, you can always come back to play London 2038. I’m not sure what else to say, this is not the first time someone has asked about having and auto dismantler and I can tell you we fully plan to add one at some point, it’s just not on the priority list right now.

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