We need more bodyswarming in hellgate like nagahaku can u set it up for the server or better make a asian server and russian europe server with pve koop no pvp

mcmozes wants new hellgate auf deutsch star trek körper so quellmal nexus searchers dive into the web and search for it i made an upload somewhere in the nets and make blood raining from the sky and ashes on the floor so the chars make footprints pls and bullethole into the bodys impact decals i want it so so do your qwork

Hi there Basic, welcome.

If I understood your post properly, you have the following questions/requests:

  • Increase bodyswarming like Nagahaku
  • Make an Asian and a Russian/European server with co-op and no PvP
  • Enable the German language
  • Make visual additions (raining blood, ashes, footprints, and bulletholes)

If so, I’ll answer what I can but I will need some clarifications on the rest.

We cannot set up additional servers for different regions. The current one is already costly and is being paid out of pocket. The majority of players don’t seem to have game-breaking issues either, so there doesn’t seem to be a need for more servers.

The server offers multiplayer already, which is effectively co-op - unless you meant something different. Removing PvP doesn’t seem necessary, as players can simply not use it.

We cannot support other languages, as we don’t have the manpower to do so. There may be other technical reasons as well, but I’m not familiar with the technical side. Still, you can ask on the project’s Discord in case other players have found solutions.

I’m familiar with the Nagahaku mod, so I’d like to know what you mean by “bodyswarming” to comment on how possible/fitting it is to replicate.

Visual additions like ashes and bullet holes are likely beyond what we can do. If you’ve seen them added by some mod somewhere, I’d like to see it to comment on it further.

Hope this helps.

hi there here is basic the ashes fluid and footprints are missing in the genesis version there was it enabled also softshadows and volumetric fog and decals where there to and u can shot windows like glas simulation in fear game mfg chris.

By “genesis version”, would you happen to mean the pre-Alpha version (video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mT5USrrtNrM&ab_channel=vermin)? If so, I cannot know if any of these features were left behind for us to recover.
If not, would you happen to have any footage of that version or a link to information about it?