What are some good guardian skills/items for an leveling build?

Hi there,

what are good skills to make a easy , and fun level process as a guardian? 2 player coop team ( engi and guardian ). Seems to be there are no AoE skills. We are booth new to the game , so its our first character.

Are there any items i should look for while leveling up a guardian?

Thanks for any kind of small guide/informations :slight_smile:

Grenade launcher! Two of them. Your welcome.

He can use the Haste bot(you can only have the drone and two bots at the same time) the haste bot is one of the best party support in the game.

He can have two +3 to haste bot weapons in his second weapon slot to cast him and then switch back to his main weapon, the haste bot keeps the +6 then if at least 1 point was put into it.
Wich means that you can save 6 points there, when you get a helmet with +1 to all engi skills then even 7 points. And no skills cant go higher then 10, its a bug that it shows a lvl 11 improvement at 10.

You should use aura of renewal, aura of defence and aura of deflection. That with the passiv skill that you can have 3 auras active makes you near unkillable. Combine that with Anchor(If you use it) and your are good.

WARNING: If you go fulltank dont put points into Anchor. But even that is up to debate.
Here a skill tree example(Dont put a point in to aura of power! And just two points in Prayer of healing, so that you get Great Defender! Its just an old outdated skilltree thats why it is there):

Everything not max! because you will get one day a helmet with +1 to guardian skills.
Shield of faith 1 point. If your Shield goes down use it, it will be full again and combine that with shield booster wich you can buy from the vendor, you can put them into 3 of your skill bar for example(they do the same).

You pull everything together, tank it and keep every mob at you, goes into Anchor(If you use it) and then he and you give it hell.
And dont worry if you put points wrong or so in the skilltree, just grind enough money to buy a skillretrainer from other players (500k to 600k i would pay) or farm it yourself in SH (Moloch boss) but thats later.

PS: Dont use Atribute points unless your gear says so. Keep them you need them for your future gear wich you wont now what stats you need for it. But again you can also buy an atribute reskill for even less.

Double grenade launchers for guardian.
And double reaper’s rails for engie, can use them starting lvl 20 tho, what you use until then is largely irrelevant.

thanks for the great answers!
Damn now he took (my brother plays the guardian) the SoJ-sword route , but hes only spent 4 points for SoJ so far.

Double reaper rails sounds nice for my engi , ill try to buy them on the CH if we hit the right level.

Is there a way to filter for +3 hastebot weapons in the CH?

No there is not and a lot of people want those sooo…

Honestly, all this weapon switch so you can benefit from something without investing points is complete bs.
It’s borderline cheating.

No its not. Its a thing since the old Diablo days.
By removing it, a lot of build diversity and also item chase would be gone.
It is purposely in it from an experience from Diablo.

Some builds are incredible points hungry, like rapid fire. The skill tree balance is off like so many things in Hellgate, that happends when a company is unlucky and everthing goes wrong.

+skill weapons are fine, but the way some skill levels gets snapshotted felt awkward to me as well. because of that and overall skill point distribution, it feels both wrong and necessary to put points into spell-like skills and summoning.

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I don’t care where it’s been a thing before, carrying weapons with +3’s just so you can bypass skilling and pop max level haste bot is bs and is cheating. It would be fine if you kept using the weapons/rings with those +s to the skill, but the free skill levels you got off weapons/rings shouldn’t stick around if you switch from/take off items that grant them.

That is your opinion and you are entitled to it, its fine.
But we should maybe not block this topic from Enter1ich ^^°
We will see what the future brings, maybe with rebalance and skill tree changes wich will most likely come in the comming years.