What happened to my eng after finishing hell?

I (mp) finished all the bosses in hell and left hell back to st philips/st paul. Later when I relogged in I had a 32ish level toon restarting the game. Eveything was the same including toughness of zombies (my weapons, inventory, money etc) except I cant travel with the travel stations and must redo everything.

I’m unhappy, I was looking forward to stonehenge and getting hu’s or something but now … well I’m stuck.


Ok, now I’m confused. with nightmare non-yellow I get all my stats back. huh? :slight_smile:

Nightmare difficulty is unlocked and automatically selected after finishing the campaign. If you don’t want everything scaled up in areas outside of Stonehenge and Abyss then make sure the box is unchecked before loading a character.

Got it, however I lost ALL my stations and was stuck in holborn - really - until I changed teh ‘nightmare’ setting. While I was there I noticed another toon around lvl 35 and I bet the same thing happened to him. If you dont know what happened you dont know how to fix it and you may quit. I almost did that but instead started a marksman - for no reason in particular. The devs need to take a look at the default settings there with regard to losing ALL the stations at the transporter.


Loosing waypoints is normal. You start the game over in a 2nd difficulty. It s a really common thing in games like this.
You can still play with everything you have by selecting regular difficulty instead of nightmare, but ultimately, you will want to finish your 2nd playthrough for reward and access to end game.

Take note…

When you finish Hell and (logout) login if the nightmare is yellow you will start over with everythihng the same except you will have NO stations - meaning you wont be able to transfer anywhere.

If the Nightmare is gray all will be the same as before including access to all stations you previously had access to.

I would like the devs to look at this as this doesnt seem like a feature.


This is not a bug. It’s a common feature that most are already familiar with. There’s nothing to fix.
Gray = normal difficulty
Yellow = nightmare difficulty

Have you ever played a game where you progress to the next difficulty once you finish the campaign? One example is Diablo 2, but there are many others. This is the same thing. Each difficulty has independent progress, meaning that normal and nightmare have to be completed separately.

You can call it “new game+” with hard mode if that helps you understand. You start over at a higher difficulty setting, as if you started a new game while keeping your level, equipment, etc. Enemy levels are higher, and item levels are higher so that better loot can drop.

hi,you did normal,nm and hell and your toon is was lvl 32 ? did you rush to final boss ?

if gray is normal and yellow is nm then what is elite and elite+(with no stations waypoint after completing hell) ?
no one seems to say the same on this post

Elite is chosen at character creation and can’t change your progress because it’s a game mode, not a difficulty mode.

Hell is the last area of the campaign. There is no Hell difficulty in the original game or 2038. The only difficulties are Normal (unchecked box) and Nightmare (checked box).

thanks a lot
hell in an area !