What i have to do to play London 2038?

I’m new here, i recently decided to create an account, so i would like to learn how to do everything basically.

Hi, hello and welcome to London 2038!

First and foremost, you already have an account, that’s great. And here comes the first thing to watch out for: Forum and game accounts are separate.
If you follow the Installation guide (London 2038 Detailed Installation Guide – London 2038 – For the Living!) you’ll have everything you need to get the game up and running. Should there be any issues then there is this forum and the discord, which can help you solve most, if not all the troubles you might encounter.
Using both you can get quite some info, if you are willing to dig a little and use different search tags. There’s also the wiki, which is currently being worked on, although it mostly only covers ingame stuff, like items and such. (London 2038)

This should get you started relatively easy and quickly. Still, should there be any questions, feel free and ask away! :slightly_smiling_face:

First and most important is to have a game rom disc or buy a used 1 from ebay or amazon. This give you the legal rights to play this version of the game. Then go ahead with the detailed install guide.