What is the difference?

Torso armor “Increases damage 8%”.“Adds damage 8%”.What is the difference?

We believed “adds damage” on armor functioned the same way as “+x% (ele) damage” on weapons/mods, but Firvagor found it’s the same as “increases damage”. Here’s the post for reference, if you’re on the project’s Discord: Discord
TL;DR they should be functionally the same.

Вошел в Discord.А чат на английском и не могу перевести.Посоветуешь,как это сделать?Вопрос снят.Копировал сообщение и вставил в Яндекс-переводчик.Пока.Но,это не правильно.Где-то должен быть авто-перевод.Как в Google.Но,не знаю,где.И спросить не у кого.

Logged in to Discord.And the chat is in English and I can’t translate it.Can you advise me how to do this?The question is removed.I copied the message and pasted it into Yandex.Translate.While.But, this is not correct.There must be an auto-translation somewhere.Just like in Google.But I don’t know where.And there is no one to ask.

I’m afraid I have very little experience with translators, so I can’t be of much help there. Now, the message is this:

the “adds % damage” and “increases damage by %” affix effects are exactly the same, just named differently
I think they’re combined when calculating damage rather than applied separately in different places, but I’m not 100% sure (it’s overall fairly complicated, and I’m not going to comment or make assumptions based on anyone else’s formulas that are floating around)

What it means is, those two affixes are the same on armor. There are differences when comparing “increases damage” on weapons with “adds damage” on armor, but when comparing the two on a torso (as you said) they’re the same.
If you need more help with the translation (because I understand you’d probably want to look deeper into how they work), Lokimo should be able to help you directly - assuming he has the time.

There are two armors.On one- " increase damage%", on the other - " adds damage%"…If I understand correctly, the effect will be the same.So?That is, for the effective use of weapons,both the one and the other armor will be suitable, with the same success.And if there is also an"increase in damage%"(existing) on the weapon, or “adding damage” due to mods,rings, etc. - then it will all add up.So?I hope the translator worked fine and I didn’t tire you too much.Have a nice day.P.S . About “Lokimo”-I just want to communicate on “Discord” the way I am communicating with you now.Google itself makes the translation of the text from one language to another.

Seems to be working fine, yeah :slight_smile: You didn’t tire me at all, always happy to help when I can.

Now, about your question:

That’s correct. If Firvagor is correct in his assessment, those two should be the same.

Here there is a difference that’s twofold:

  1. Added damage from armor and weapons works differently. For example, “increases damage” from armor will affect Strikes, while the same affix from weapons will not. That’s because armor affixes affect everything, while weapon affixes affect the weapons and the skills that use them (Evoker spells and Blademaster skills, for example).
  2. “Adds” and “increases” on armor is the same affix with different wording, but “adds (x% elemental damage)” and “increases (damage or damage type)” on weapons are different. “Adds” will add damage of a specific type, which then gets calculated before critical damage, while “increases” will just increase existing damage and gets calculated after critical damage. What this means is, “adds” is always superior to “increases” on weapons as far as critical hits are concerned.

I hope you found this more informative than confusing…

About skills-later, if you allow.I’m asking about weapons.That is, if there is a “damage increase” on the vorpal,it will affect the damage, only, on the vorpal, but it will affect!In the direction of increasing.“Damage increase” - on the armor, it will also affect.So, both the “increase” will be summed up in this case?

That’s correct; if you have “increases damage” across weapons and armor, they should be summed up.

But again, just for clarity, that’s only correct when the weapon affixes can apply to how you’re dealing damage. For example, if you want to buff your Vorpal’s damage, yes, both weapon and armor affixes will buff it. If you’re using a sword and armor with this affix, both will affect your sword skills. But if you’re using a Vorpal with +damage in your offhand and slashing with a sword, the Vorpal’s affix won’t buff your sword skills because they don’t use the Vorpal. In that case, only your armor’s affixes will buff your sword skills.

I thought so!Thank you for your patience and detailed answers.

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I think I’ve already asked about this,but I’d rather ask again.Please excuse me.And come on.And if the armor “adds damage” and the weapon “increases damage” - the damage, too, will be summed up?

Yes, that’s what I meant to say before with “across weapons and armor”. Apologies, I should’ve assumed the translator might not catch it properly.
So yes, it will be summed up in that case.

Understood.Thanks.If there are any more questions,can I talk to you?

Certainly, I’ll be happy to help if I can. If I happen to not be around here, you may find me on Discord.

Good.Thanks.It would be nice to sort out the translation in the chat in the Discord, but I do not know where to look for the answer.I didn’t find anything in the settings.