What to do next after 50 (NME)

So my friend and I (BM and Summoner) hit level 50 and have a few expertise (less than 25). Where to go to next? Sid and the five lies are owning us. We have done Moloch a few times, but the loot table doesn’t seem it will really help us progress. Parliament Square is ok, but the Abyss bosses own us like Sid and friends. Do we just suck or is there just a grind to get incrementally better so you can kill these bosses?

We have both played this game from when it came out, and I think we are pretty well geared (no set pieces yet) and have skills allocated pretty well also.

I have to agree with you. After leveling 3 HCE and one SCE Engineers to 50/25ish it does seem that you hit a bit of a wall at this point. The progression through normal and up to Liverpool Street NM goes smoothly- gear, skills etc seem to progress nicely and with the side quests and a few Ancient Bloods you level with the mobs up to 50. Then it becomes hard to move beyond SH head bosses and farming lower areas. Maybe part of the problem is being on Elite mode and progression on normal would be smoother. Also it could be the intention to force players into more team play. From what I have heard I would have thought a BM+Summoner would have as good a chance as any of progressing but it sounds like you are having the same problems as my Engineers solo efforts.

Can anything be done to help this other than a long grind to better gear so you can progress? I think just finding the “tricks” to beating the bosses can help- I have recently made progress with Dreadnaught and hope I have him under control now.
One idea might be to make Westminster Catacombs more of a bridge up to the Abyss Bosses/Nm Sydonai, with some intermediate difficulty bosses/drops.
Perhaps we are doing it wrong, I am sure others may point out where :grin:

Hi there :slight_smile:

At the moment there does seem to be a bit of a steep curve in difficulty after lv50. My personal suggestion would probably be to grind the other Abyss areas for Abyss gear before starting to farm the easier (ie not-Talox) bosses. As little as average Legendaries do come a long way towards increasing one’s overall power (save for Hunters, probably), and getting familiar with the little tricks that make some bosses like Dreadnaught tick should smoothen it out for the time being. In time, the other 3 bosses should provide the necessary Set/other pieces that will suffice for Talox.

Gathering/buying a Luck set to improve the generic PvE grind seems to be a popular choice as well, so it might be worth trying out as well.

Thanks for the feedback, We will try the other Abyss areas and hopefully gear up (with a few purchases , too!!!).

You will need 100% critical chance against the boss or extremely high ignite chance to do it.

In this video we did it with the critical chance way.

Don’t expect any interesting reward tho, it’s just the final battle in story mode. However i’ll make some suggestions soon to make this boss more appealing to the community :wink: