Where Are You From? [Poll]


We have testers from all over the world playing with us! We thought it might be fun to see where our player base is from.

Select from an option below, or choose “Other” and let us know where you’re from in reply to this topic!

  • USA
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • UK
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • Austria
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • Canada
  • Other

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Greetings from Denmark


From Russia with Love :slight_smile:


Poland Stronk :poland:


From germany:grinning:


Others is looking mighty fine.


FYI, I could only add so many options and had to think of what to add off the top of my head, so if your country falls into “other” I’m sorry :frowning:


Greece here! :greece:


And now the results: GERMANY…10 POINTS :smiley:


Greetings from sunny South Africa!!!

Kom ons gaan donder 'n paar demone!

translation: Lets go beat up a couple of demons!.. LOL


:poland: here - greetings


Russia Today !!! :yum:


:australia: G’day mates :stuck_out_tongue:


:ukraine: Greetings from Urkaine :sunglasses:


Swedish Meatballs here :sunglasses: .


From sunny Tampa, FL


From the UK here. I’m surprised by how few British players there are. The game was pretty popular here when it was first released.


Portugal here. Mainly got this so I could play with my brother.
Quite happy with the game so far, co-op is a blast! (literally, I’m level 7 and rolled a good rocket launcher and have been blowing demons to smithereens for the last few hours).


greetings American guy but living in Japan


Canadian, hey! :canada: