Where Are You From? [Poll]


awe ma se kind … translation… sup homie XD


Greetings from Russia :*


Greetings from Germany


kommt jungs 2-ter sind wir :wink:
da geht noch was :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Greeting from little red dot
Used to play HGL when the game first came out. Now playing Diablo 3 most of the time.
Just happen to see London 2038 and will try it out soon.

Great job guy


Hello from Scotland! (in the UK)


All the way from Oahu, Hawaii!


Hello from France. let’s give a taste of the furia francese at all these demonics legions.

For the living !!!


China XD any1 remember nagahaku~im her friend


Hi there, welcome :slight_smile:

Do give our regards to Nagahaku, her work was (and is) highly appreciated.


Greetings from Denmark


Hello from Other aka. Denmark. :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:


Hi all!

I’m from Belgium!


:australia: G’day Perth


Hello! From USA, Minnesota.


:poland::czech_republic::uk: Actually UK. Hello all


Hello from the Netherlands


I´am from Germany :smiley:

PS: falls wer eine deutsche Gilde Sucht Die letzte Bastion Ts und Discord vorhanden bei mir Cerestea oder Melli oder Fussel oder Seras-Victoria oder BlackAnima2703 Ingame anschreiben bzw adden :grin:


Greetings from Germany;)


Hello from Philippines! Anyways can i DL the game? If yes how to?