Where Are You From? [Poll]

Привет из ДНР-Донецк

Greetings from Lithuanian

greetings from Denmark :pig:

Hello Everybody! I’m from Hungary.
Hello mindenki! Üdvözlet Magyarországról.

Greetings from Germany …

Hello from Hungary!!!

Hello from Russia ^^

A little hello from France !

A big Ciao from italy :slight_smile:

Greatings from Croatia :croatia:

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Greetings from Malaysia folks!

So, Bonjour & Hi from France.

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Best regards from Spain :es: , fellas it seems I am the only one for now ^^ nice work with Hellgate 2038 & HellgateAus / Revival project, I love you <3.

Southwest Germany in the near of K-Town :wink:

Another from Canada :canada: Ottawa, Ontario

G’Day from Australia

Greetings from Missouri, USA from my wife and I! :slightly_smiling_face: