Where to buy the game

Sadly, I missed HL’s release (I was poor at the time), but I want to play it now. Where can I find a copy of the game to buy, that’s not the terrible steam release? Any info would be great, thanks!

Your best bet would be amazon i think i can find plenty of sellers on the french one. Maybe even ebay ?

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Got mine off Amazon UK.

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Thanks, I picked up a copy on Amazon. I’m just waiting for it to get to me (tomorrow, woo!). I was just wondering if there was a better source, since many of the entries on amazon are missing the book, scratched disc, etc.

Ebay is your best other choice. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hellgate-London-Collectors-Edition-PC-2007-Big-Box-PC-Computer-Game/312618267619?epid=61808760&hash=item48c98033e3:g:xxcAAOSw5rNc4E40&frcectupt=true This one is collectors set that while open is still factory sealed.

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Nice, I should have grabbed a copy like that, but I was super impatient. I got my copy from amazon, which looks like someone’s dog chewed on the box… but the DVD was pristine, and the CD key was in there, so I’m good to go :smiley: I’m having a blast in the game now, just trying to learn the game now :slight_smile: