Who on your team so doesn't like an engineer?

  1. If you read what I wrote above, you would see:

The Engi at least helps the group . BM Guardian MM are only there to kill of the trash that the evos and sumos have left over after their aoe orgy went off. The Engi however makes the Evo use its clearscreening aoe go off every less than 3 seconds instead of 4. Sorry if i am a bit sarcastic here. But having another char with a 1 click clearscreen skill is not what i would look forward to but that is just me.
It is not the Engi that is the issue here. It is the aoe of sumo (and the insane action range of the shadow minions btw) and evo. They make other chars feel trash in many situations. Engi is strong enough to beat the game comfortably.

Please see answers above.
I do not say that it is exactly necessary to raise an engineer and in the very way that was in the Global.
I am talking about comparable opportunities for classes, taking into account their protection.
How to solve these issues I leave to the discretion of the developers.

However, since the drone is one of the most interesting mechanics in the game,
it seems to me that an easily implemented balance adjustment would be,
for example, an increase in the growth of attribute points as the level grows for drone. (now it’s low).
Then we could better equip the drone and get a little more tank and damage.