Why Do I DC From Being Idle So Fast?

Did something change recently? Today I have been DC’d several times within minutes of going idle. I get up to answer the door and pay for a pizza I ordered, I was only away 2 min, DC. I went to take a quick leak, a zombie killed me while I was away, I come back DC’d and the rez option is permanently glued to my screen forcing me to restart the game. So why am I being DC’d within 5 min of being idle?

How are you connected to the internet on said machine? WiFi, hard line? What’s you geographic location? I idle on the server all the time without being disconnected.

Hard line, USA California. In town it doesn’t seem to kick me, but in an instance it has kicked me several times over within the span of 2 min if I hold still and press nothing.

That’s really odd, I am located in California as well on spectrum, no issues here.