Wollah warning: beware

OK - been playing for 2 days, it’s great to be back in game - thanks to you guys who made this happen.

I used to play 2016ish HG-Global, and I am afraid to report a real nasty troll from there has infested HGL2038.

Old name: "WOLLAH"
Name here: “Friend-needs”.

Notable traits:

  • Is obsessive with help or abuse
  • Converses in chat with imaginary people
  • High use of " " and , and abbreviates/changes words into a very distinct style of text
  • Frequently uses terms “bb”, “kiddies”, “just saying”, “asshat”
  • Threatens to block people for no reason, but rarely blocks
  • When not directly included in chat convo’s can become jealous and abusive
  • Offers and gives help, but this is just a way of gaining favour and manipulating people
  • Has a seeming lack of empathy
  • Dominates in multiplayer activities

I also know approx. age / nationality / sex, but won’t post here just yet.

Two other people in-game have identified this person from HGG, and have also given the advice of not feeding the troll and ignoring. Please don’t mistake me for being some snowflake self-righteous, toxic casual. I love a good troll if they have style and the intent is humorous, and they know when to stop. But the above troll is very manipulative and uses good will bought by helping to go on some pretty epic and evil tirades against players, disrupting chat channel and diminishing community spirit.

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Aye, Me and couple of other people tonight were just having some fun and striking up some convo in Chat-1. Ended up getting called asshat’s and I even got called abusive. He also spoke about hitting children to get them to understand, saying they weren’t worth words and referred to me as the primary subject of said “hitting”. Overall was being a jerk just thought I’d chime in sorry if it’s not very helpful. Other then that everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting are quite friendly :wink:

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Everything above is correct. He is a serious nuisance and very off putting for any new players joining 2038. I would support banning asap.


Make some screenshots

I think its a new account of char ‘TROLL’, he played like 6-7 months ago.

Getting screenshots…

Easier said than done, this is a slippery, complex and intelligent troll…

  • They go through long phases of systematically building up trust with people they consider important (a few established or authoritative players and ALL people new to the game).

  • While these people are online the troll puts a lot of energy into to being nice, avoiding anything that breaks the TOS.

  • It is only on rare occasions when triggered the troll lets down their guard and you will actually see the poison and abuse they were famous for in HGG.

But despite the control they exert over themselves - this troll is still highly visible:

  • Can not refrain from using public chat to openly show “self-perceived/self-manufactured” good deeds.

  • Fawns over gamers - targeted to build up trust with.

  • Persistently takes center stage in public chat - not by genuinely engaging socially and occasionally reaching out as common ground is found (while playing the game), but by seeking attention and acceptance which dominates “chat-1”, making “chat-1” unusable.

If this was an MMO with a larger population, I would not have made this thread - this troll clearly has social needs and is highly manipulative, but their negative impact would be a good learning curve for a larger online population to navigate through as the trolls nature is discovered and the troll bounces through new groups of players.

LONDON 2038 is a small community, because this troll dominates the global chat - I suspect gamers are less inclined to socialize and ask for help - minimalizing the general chatter in “Chat-1”, which isolates gamers. This is detrimental to the online experience…

I would recommend gamers add this troll to their friend list to know when it is online.

And for those that don’t know how to take a screenshot “Shift + PrtScn” > open “Paint” > Paste > save > open “snipping tool” > cut out area you need > save > open image host like https://imgur.com/upload > drag/upload image > copy your code e.g. https://imgur.com/a/X7AbQuQ > and post here :laughing:


“praising someone too much and giving them a lot of attention that is not sincere in order to get a positive reaction”.

  • Wollah does not like Russians typing Russian in chat, and often trolls them for it.
  • He randomly trolls people like Blessedchild.
  • He goes on long conversations with people who are not replying (I didn’t capture the convo, just people complaining - and as Wollah recommends, a chat log search should find it).

  • Continues to harass/troll Russians.
  • Russians mute Wollah.
  • More continuous spam

I am rare in global chat
but I also noticed that the chat spam

I am afraid Wollah is too cute to get caught that easily. At the moment he is behaving himself (most of the time) and other than the annoying chat wall of spam and pathetic fawning is not committing any “red card” offences. Those of us who experienced his behaviour in Global know that this is unlikely to last forever and worse will come.
In fact he is playing the victim card and even some of the community regulars are being gulled into thinking it is him being picked on and are supporting him to some extent.
I would say the best policy is to leave him to publicly hang himself, as he surely will, and just keep watch- screenshot at the ready. Of course if he behaves himself and has reformed his online attitude ,permanently, we have nothing to worry about (not holding my breath).
Game of Thrones has the Nights Watch keeping guard- we must be HG’s “Watchers on the Wollah”

No one is really interested in making screen shots, it’s too much work. This thread is evidence of that.

“Red Card” offences… he does not need to go on racist, sexist, evil drunken rampages and break the worst terms of the EULA… Simply the spam the guy generates is enough for Omerta to see it is preventing the small amount of players in game from trying to talk to each other and further developing a community…

A quick check of chat logs should show this (if they are available…)

Wollah has difficulty maintaining self control, shows developed narcissism, is highly manipulative and almost persistently displays a complete lack of empathy (which is transparent in his fake an overzealous requests on peoples well being, while not actually being interested) --> not someone you want around minors…

… and I saw what you did with the Game of Thrones thing there… “Watchers on the Wollah”… LOL

Should have been "Watchers on the Woll"
Anyway, you might want to update the OP as Wollah has switched Accs and his latest manifestation is "Whootness"
Takes about 30 seconds to spot his “signature chat style” Funniest thing is It looks like he thinks he is playing HCE but has forgotten to press the buttons and is on normal mode.

Yep, pretty annoying person.

Has found HCE now :slight_smile: with “Crikey”. Spent the whole time stood in Holborn Station spamming chat and offering feeble advice to anyone who would listen.
Further to previous posts, if possible it would be worth checking his private message log as that is where some of his worst excesses will be found.
The “Watch” continues…

This player has been warned, and if I receive any more petitions against them they will be gagged.

I would also like to make a report against this person. He’s been doing nothing but word vomit in general chat for the past couple of hours under the name “Crikey”. Half of it is incomprehensible. I would just block him but then everyone else would still have to listen to him.

This player has been gagged (no in-game communication). Please report any attempted circumvention of this.