Words from that one moron who did a no-elemental summoner

I’ll preface this by saying I do not use elementals based on a healthily-nurtured hatred for meta and pet classes that are, by design, telling the player it’s okay to not engage with the game. This is, however, not going to be me saying the class needs to be reworked as a whole and the lazy portion of it being completely cut off. It slightly involves something like that, since creation needs destruction, but I’m not looking to ruin anyone’s gameplay, just improve mine and hopefully that other people who sympathize with my tale of tragedy. I also haven’t even reached level 25, but I just need to glance at the quickslots of other players to know what kind of tomfoolery is afoot.

1. Elementals: the average summoner is basically putting n-1 on elementals and using a +1 piece of gear somewhere, with people then gravitating towards the so-called zoo and not really having much variety within the tree. I understand not everything needs to have twelve million options and certain trees, such as evoker’s spirit, is basically two lines and the player either uses it or not. However, I think there is potential for variety within that by instead limiting the player to X amount of elementals and allowing them to combine the elements they want: maybe the player can do a fire/spectral combo for an exclusively damaging no, or a shock/toxic combo for a more support-oriented nova. As of now, the player always goes for all elementals at all time and I think that’s just so boring in comparison to demons and their associated abilities. Yes, I’m giving an idea on something I don’t actually use.

2. Demons: My only problem so far with the abilities themselves is the witch doctor taking forever to try to command an enemy. Had times in which the cooldown was over before the poor thing even dominated someone, and even then the player is just limited to the AI mind-controlling another AI to still act like the AI. For that in specific, tt’d be nice to make the command a mind-control ability that comes from the player, but is only enabled when using the witch doctor. Think the way beacon works, which is instant and pretty comfortable. It also wouldn’t change the functionality of the ability, just skip the witch doctor’s AI struggling to use it.

For the tree, it is the first time I came into contact with a lack of slots enough to get me to actually say “yeah, this really affects the way I play the class”. 3 slots for carnagor, 2 for witch doctor, 3 for warper, 1 for healing and 1 for reaper, totaling 10 slots on one tree alone… but the problem is that 4 of those are summons. I actually fit all demons’ abilities in 5 slots, but I can’t fit their summons in the same bar without it eating the slots, which then means I activate them from the abilities window. However, activating summons doesn’t actually work if there is one in place, which means I have to manually dismiss one and then use the summon key. My proposed solutions for these problems:

  • A second row of slots in which the player can slot more abilities, opening more space for players to do aura and summon swapping without needing to sacrifice anything. It’s also good for people who don’t want to activate consumables using control, such as using shield boosters very shortly before engaging enemies, or using them to recharge shields without depending on the game saying “yeah, now’s a good time”.
  • Using a demon summon ability automatically dismisses the currently summoned demon. I mean, that’s it, it’s very self-explanatory. It makes combat swapping more comfortable by not having the player hold alt, dismiss a demon and then summon another. Would go very well with an increased amount of slots, since I personally have the F keys unbound and would use them exactly for summons and auras, if given the space.

3. Necromancy: Personally, I dislike having venom as my no-CD; it lacks feedback and the animation makes it awkward to hit certain enemies when too close (I play exclusively in third person). In comparison, demonspine is fucking chonky and feels like a blast to use on the evoker. The other bone abilities are also amazing (aside from wall of bone, which I haven’t tried yet because skill scroll), but I’d understand not just copy-pasting the whole bone tree into summoner. My suggestion for this is the following: demonspine and wall of bone become part of necromancy, while venomous spirit gets removed. The player already has word of fear to cause fear and the four abilities (two bone, two toxic) won’t overlap each other, since the player will have the no-CD shotgun, the defensive one, the grenade and what probably is the fun one. I actually haven’t reached the third toxic ability either, but I’m assuming it works like the bone grenade that evoker has, so I’m not going to pretend I know exactly what I’m asking for here. More importantly, this part is based on nothing but “I think it’d be really fucking cool, man”; I don’t have any balancing or statistical concerns on necromancy and just want it to feel cooler. Yeah, bone’s cool. Really cool.


I already do that, i play an ignite/poison summoner wich does exactly this and very effective.
And i only use fire/toxic elementals with carnagor as my tank.

I do a lot of casting myself with swarm, ele-sfx debuffs, the taunt from carnagor, ele nova, blood surge(wich atm is bugged it gives you a lot less power back then it should) and broms because of the blood surge. You cant do this mindlessly too, or you loose a lot of dmg and safety.

But still, minion classes are always more chill to play then others.

I would like when the summoner gets the poison/bone stuff.
Its enough when he gets, as you said, bonespear instead of venom and then skullsplitter.
I also would like to see then an earth elemental synergy with the bone spells
and toxic elemental with toxic spells aswell (in this case swarm/venom armor).