XM271 Thermo Cannon feedback

I have a XM171 Thermo Cannon build and so i was happy to hear that it finally got some love/pure splash.
But then i took a look at it and compared the two.

As stated the new tier XM271 Thermo Cannon got splash only, finally! And the acc feed got increased.
What is not stated is the feed cost is about +50%! increased, from ~60 to ~90.
Max upgraded ~130 acc without accfeed augments or mods.
But you can still work around that somehow.

The other thing wich is not mentioned, wich is way worse, although they are a higher tier
there dmg got reduced by ~25-28%.

It needs a near perfect XM171 Thermo Cannon to make it, ok.

I thought that the HIGHER tier would do ~10% increased dmg with splash only.
But with ~25-28% less dmg i struggle to change from XM171 to XM271.
It would need a god-rolled XM271 to change it for my XM171 and only if i dont get a god-rolled XM171 before that.

This has been noted and will be reevaluated. Thank you for bringing it to our attention :slight_smile:


There is an internal damage reduction going on when you convert a damage from direct to splash. The amount of this reduction varies based on weapon type from 10% to 20% usually.
So the damage reduction you see on XM271 is conventional. Applying ~50% of the original item’s damage as splash is still a huge benefit vs crowds, and making the item a choice rather than a direct upgrade to the lower tier was intentional, as we didn’t wanted to devalue the original items over this.

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Ahhh I see, yes that doesnt work.

The idea of the XM171 Thermo Cannon is, good for crowds bad for bosses and tanks.
The idea of the XM271 Thermo Cannon is, good for crowds bad for bosses and tanks.
That is why i like them.
Problem is you have two from the same weapon type wich have the same job.
And what do you do when you need to hire one for that job? You always take the better candidate.

  • Edit: Its the XM171 it does more dmg to champions and is therefore more reliable for every situation.
    The XM271 is slightly better with the condition that there are a lot of mobs with the champion inside the aoe and i mean a lot.

I have a dedicated build for Thermo Cannons, im lvl 50 rank 30 (atm).
So let me tell from my experience the use of it in practice.

You go to the champion and aim the barrel at his dick and pull the trigger untill its dead, by the process everything else is long dead because they have a lot less life then the champion.

With the dmg nerf, champions will need longer and white mobs are even faster dead.
At best it is the same outcome.

You dont want to switch all 5sec to your boss killing setup everytime you incounter a champion.

I thought as a higher tier it would be straight up an upgrade wich it realy needs.
During leveling you get the XM171 and some lvls later you think, “Well, i guess thats my weapon now”.
Farming that thing is stupid, because of the short lvl drop range and you dont want to farm the tutorial for a normal weapon type.

You dont have something to look forward too. But with the new tier you are excited to reach that lvl when they start to drop so you can upgrade, its a very good thing to have.
I would be even happier if there where a 3. tier wich can only drop in abyss to look forward too.

It would fix all problems with Thermo cannons, it needs a bit more dmg, pure splash so you dont have in mind if it would be better to be a cabalist and higher tier(s) to look forward too, to have an upgrade path.

And keep in mind you need a very VERY good Thermo cannon to beginn with so that you can build around it.
Oh yeah. Bunkport’s. The Tier 4 of Thermo cannons. Can we delete that thing? Or make Tier 3 elemental ones, Abyss only? Even so i preffer the physical ones. Im just joking, but there is also a bit of truth in it.

(Btw the game needs more randome Tanky mini bosses wich can spawn randomly in every map :smiling_imp:)