Zombie struggles

I decided to make a zombie master build that really leans into that zombie form, but I’m having a lot of difficulty with it from the time I started. The Zombie Form skill isn’t available until level 15, and it requires a completely different playstyle that I didn’t have any opportunity to develop proficiency with before then. To make it worse, I reached that level around St. James Square, which is full of hovering ranged enemies, and I can’t even use venomous spirits. I need effective ranged options, and I can’t predict which ones will be compatible with Zombie Form further down the skill trees!

I recall trying this once before and posting about issues with it and reasons why I gave up, but I can’t access my account on the original forum, so it’s very difficult to find what I wrote. Can anyone share their own experiences on how it can work or why it won’t?

Hi there Dok, welcome.

Are you referring to the Steam version, by any chance? Because it’s in that version where the skill is named Zombie Form, is accessible at lv15, and blocks Venomous Spirit(/Swarm) use: Hellgate Revival :: Skill Planner
In 2038, the skill is named Darkform. It’s accessible at lv10, and it does not block any skills beyond preventing gun use: Skill Calc Test

Of course we’re not based on, affiliated with, or delve into the Steam version - so we can’t address such concerns with it. But these issues are not present in 2038.
If you’d like to get an idea of how such builds work here, you can browse through the guides section for guides exploring them. Or, for convenience, you can look them up in the guide index doc - where I hopefully did not miss any.

I’m playing the original version, before a Steam version existed. I’d like to get into 2038 without going through Steam, if that’s possible.
I’d really like to get access to the original forum, but I never got the authentication verification email. I know that I’ve written at least one full build guide there, and added a lot of notes about ones that I’ve tried.

I’m a bit confused here, admittedly. The original did not include Zombie Form/Darkform or the toxic tree in the Summoner kit (eg). Are you playing a modded version then? If so, there may be modding options to alleviate these issues - but you’d need an SP modder for that, or the mod’s creator.

No worries there. If anything, it’s impossible to use Steam for 2038. 2038 needs the original unmodded 2007 game, as outlined between the FAQ page and the quickstart guide.

I’ve found a user profile with your name here on hellgateaus, so I suppose that’s the one that encountered this issue. If so, if you still have access to the email used for it I can likely help as admin there.

I do still have the email, and it’s the same one I registered to this forum with. But I’m not receiving any authentication emails from the forum; not in spam, not in any folder. I tried entering other possible emails, but “There are no usernames associated” with any of them. This must be the one.

This has led me to investigate the email handling on hellgateaus.cyou and modify its configuration. While according to the logs the HGA forum has been sending mails, in fact the rate of successful email deliveries may have gone down - due to more and more providers implementing stricter checks on which servers/addresses are allowed to send mail for a given domain name. These SPF (“sender policy framework”) settings may have caused emails to be silently dropped at the receiving site.

I’ve fixed and checked the sending address and the SPF settings for the HGA forum, so hopefully emails should now pass checks again and get delivered. So there’s hope that if you retry the password recovery procedure it will now work.

Regards, NiteHawk